lunes, 8 de junio de 2015

If You Believe

Gracias por todo Joss y Aleh <3 Les presto una de mis canciones prefes,solo es un prestamo eh :3

I close my eyes and even when i'm sleeping,i'm all right cause you are in my life once upon a time i only imagined this and now you're mine i wished for you so hard pray that You'd find me maybe you're here today here to remind me.. 

Pose: *CS* Love Selfie For TBO

Pose: *CS* You & Me For  Dream Fair

Pose: *CS* Sundown pose  For Dream Fair 

If you believe that dreams come true there's one that's waiting here for you cuz i believe when i saw you, that when you want something enough then it can't escape your love there is nothing in the world that cannot be If you believe...♥


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