viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2018

With You ..

⇾" Locked eyes as you passed me two hearts on a cold street looking back at the same time i feel your warmth, did you feel mine?i get the urge, but i can't speak .."

Hair   :  MINA - Yelena - Blonds  

Mask   :  Scandalize.SEDUCTION.Mask RoseGold  For The Arcade

Body   :  Scandalize.SEDUCTION.Outfit Pink.BODY.RARE.  For The Arcade

Skirt    :   Scandalize.SEDUCTION.Outfit Pink.SKIRT.RARE.   For The Arcade

Cheetah    :   Scandalize.SEDUCTION.Cheetah RARE  For The Arcade

Shoes    :   Scandalize.SEDUCTION.Heels Pink.   For The Arcade

Pose   :  Pose Maniacs Digi

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