jueves, 14 de marzo de 2019


Pose   :   [ Focus Poses ] Couple 225 For ACCESS

▶ " 'Cause you still look perfect as days go by Even the worst ones you make me smile I'd stop the world if it gave us time, 'Cause when you love someone You open up your heart 💘 .."

Hair   :  #taketomiWEST - Brielle For CLUB TAKETOMI

Shirt   :  Yasum  Bella-Shirt For ACE event

Pants   :  Yasum  Bella-Pants  For ACE event

Anklets   :  **RE** Carina Anklets


Country Spring  :  Serenity Style- Country Spring Retreat

Plant  :   Serenity Style- Country Spring Plant 

Chair  :   Serenity Style- And I think to myself chair

Puppy  :  [Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Sit

Folded Chairs  :   Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Folded Chairs

Suitcase   :   +Half-Deer+ Forest Sonata - Suitcase (Light)

Puppy Jum   :  [Rezz Room]  American Bully Puppy Jump

Books  :   +Half-Deer+  Forest Sonata - Books (Light)

Car  :  :CP: Lovebug Camp Bed RARE

Rainboots   :   +Half-Deer+  Forest Sonata - Rainboots (Polkadot)

Sleepy Fawn Chair   :   +Half-Deer+ Spring Serenade - Sleepy Fawn Chair RARE

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