sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

Your personal hairdresser!!

Top XOXO Top_Gift Splash_^^ Free!! (Subcribirse)
Pant {K}Rea Candy  Blackberries Neww!! <3
Belt P.i.X.X.i.S Belt Blow black/blue Neww!! <3
Boots GoK- Mesh Clark  Neww!! <3

The meditation of my ♥

Dress ARTEMIS  leopard stole  Free!! (Group Gif)
Glasses Splash Giraffe Sunglasses Neww!! <3
Bag {K}Rea -Chocolate Bag - Dark Neww!! <3
Boots N-core  Eclipse "Brown Edition" (Brown) Free!! (Group Gif)

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Inside your ♥

Dress <Toxic Bish> Combo (MM Board) Free!! <3
Bracelet Splash Rubber Band Red Neww!! <3
Earrings Splash Crystals Rain  Black Neww!! <3

"You make my ♥ skip a beat"

Dress .:Sticky fingers:.  My red halter neck babydoll Free!! 
(Group Gif No Free)
 Earrings Splash LoLy pop  Red-White Neww!! <3
Bracelet  Splash  Rubber Band Red Neww!! <3
Skin #20#Skins and Hairs Hunt *Anymore 10L <3
(Start: 2 march/End: 2 april)

jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

Atrevete conmigo!!

Dress .:cheeky:. lace Dress!  Neww!! <3
(More colors in store)
Earrings Splash LoLy pop Earrings Black-White New!! <3
Accesories * Sweet Sin * - Pantie sexie (Black) Neww!! <3

Con las pilas recargadas!!

lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

Good girl

Dress *HolliPocket* Staticlicious Mini-Dotty Pink Neww!! <3 (75L)
Skin *JeSyLiLO*:::Kuwait National day:::*LightSkin*Neww!! <3 (20 Feb to 28 Feb for 200L)
Earring  Splash Crystals Rain Earrings Pink  Neww!!<3
Hair ""D!va"" Hair "Chika4" Neww!! <3

In your dreams

Outfit #19 TFUH: [G l i t z z] - Female 1L <3
Tatto [JB]  In your dreams Tattoo Neww!! <3

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Do not live dream...

Dress *Anymore Lace Dress turquoise Neww!! <3
Skin JeSyLiLO - STUFF IN STOCK Neww!! <3
will start at 20Feb
Earrings  Splash Crystals Rain Earrings Blue Neww!! <3
(More colors in store)

A sweet temptation...

Lingerie WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #150 BLACKLACE Free!!
Shoes N-core "Feet" *Boxed*No Free

miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2012

Missing your kisses

 Outfit   Valentine  Red Neww!! <3
 Outfit   Valentine  Pink Neww!! <3


Shirt &Skirt *Fishy Strawberry* Pink Crush Outfit Free!!
Hair Yasyn's Odds and Ends - Valentine Gift 2012!  Free!!
Skin {.essences.} Serena [fashionably late]Neww!! <3 (80L)
Necklace (<3).phresh. Forbidden Crest  1L

martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

From my Heart ...♥

Dress RMA - Knit (Pink) Neww!! <3
(More colors in store)
Skin Lara Hurley-Happy Valentine Free!! (Al subcribirse)
Hairband .:: PaPiLLoN Design ::. <3 Blinky Heart Hairband <3 6L
Wings .:: PaPiLLoN Design ::. <3 Angel Wings <3 6L

lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

I'm losing sleep over you...

Bustiers [BORN.REBEL] - Bustiers (Blue) Neww!! <3 (85L)
(More colors in store)
Pants ~CandyMetal~ Meli Sexy Jeans Blue Neww!! <3
(More colors in store)
Tattoo * Sweet Sin Tattoo * - Big Mama Neww!! <3
Accesories Splash THIRD CROSS NECKLACE  Neww!! <3
Hair (r)M ~ Hair No.23 Neww!! <3
Shoes 2Real PURE 1.3 Neww!! <3

I ♥ you Baby..

Outfit *Crank Design*Bjane Women Neww!! <3

True Love..

Top Lure Top Red  Splash Neww <3
Suspenders ZombiePopcorn Hunt - * RezIpsa Loc * #10 Free!!
Pant Belote - February Group Gift Free!!
Shoes GoK- Cubic Chain Heels (Red) Neww <3
Cigarrette R*4 Gift tabako usagi 01 Free!!
Hair ChiChickie! Lucy Valentines 2012 Neww <3
Oso Panda True Love-Panda bear Splash Neww <3 (50l)

νσѕ у уσ fσяєνєя α 3мѕ¢

domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

El Guarda espaldas

                            Glasses SunGlasses Aviator Black Splash  Neww!!

                                                   Dedicada para anika , tu guarda espaldas ♥

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

All you need is...Love ♥

Pullover ::LC:: ZombiePopcorn-Hearts n' Sequins  Free!!
Pant ::Maria Design::Love Pants Neww!! <3
Shoes ::LC:: Creme & Gold Pump Free!! (Gruop Gif)
Glasses  Splash SunGlasses Aviator Pink Neww!! <3
Cigarrete Ryo Heart  tabako 01 Free!!

Love is.....

Shirt ASO! Love you Knit(Girl)Pink Neww!! <3
Pant SPIRIT - Evlampia baggy Free!!
Skin MOJO /BALD/Breast.ENH-05 Neww!! <3
Shoes 2REAL  PURE 1.3(Boxed) Neww!! <3

Caminata romantica

                   Pose  Diesel Works - Winter Lovee Free!!
        Outfit  22769 ~ [homme] Zombie Popcorn Hunt 6 Gift
        Outfit  22769 ~ [femme] Zombie Popcorn Hunt 6 Gift


Skin [Pink] Valentina love skin Free!!
Outfit [Pink] Conjunto lemon Free!!


Outfit WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #24  Redgrave Free!!
Hair (r)M ~ Hair No.23 Neww!! <3
Shoes GoK- Cubic Chain Heels Neww!! <3
Glasses  Splash SunGlasses Aviator Silver Neww!! <3

Despues de la oficina

 Outfit   VERO MODERO / February Gift Free!! (Group Gif)
                            Glasses Gatcha Glasses Black Splash  Neww!!

jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

Laundry girl for gorean room

Outfit * May's Soul* Laundry girl for gorean room Neww!!<3(50L)
Skin MOJO//AMORE Neww!! <3

I hate you

Shirt H.LUZZA rabbit skull-ZombiePopcorn Free!!
Pants *Tentacio* Vandal girl hates you black Neww!! <3
Necklace FINESMITH Zombie popcorn gift Free!!
Accesories MRVH #7 *Epic* Free!!
Shoes *Tentacio* Just a girl Neww!! <3


Shape & Skin .:cheeky:. Mimi Skin! Privat Room Event  Neww!! <3
Tattoo * Sweet Sin Tattoo * - i dont wanna be loved &Stars Free!!
Skirt EVALE Zombie Popcorn Free!!
Sweater SPH 016 - Koketka Free!!
Poses Diesel Works - ZombiePopCorn Hunt Free!!
Glasses Gatcha Glasses Black Splash  Neww!! <3

Shut Up!

Pollover ZombiePopcorn Hunt - .:villena:. #73 Free!!
Leggins d. Select Zombie Popcorn Item Free!!
Glasses WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #30 GLASIZ *ShadZ Eyewear* Free!!
Shoes GoK Cubic Chain Heels (Pink) Neww!! <3

I only loock sweet & Inocent..

Dress P.i.X.X.i.S Parted Dress Dots Pink Neww!! <3
Lollipop - DAMNED - Lollipop (animated/color change) Free!!
Nails ZombiePopcorn Hunt - Izzie's #66 Free!!

Left my take you by the hand and lead you thorough life..

Top & Pantie Hawt Belote Neww!! <3 (more colors in store)
Skin JOJ Hunt Female Path #05 CandyDoll Free!!
Nails ZombiePopcorn Hunt - Izzie's #66 Free!!
Tattoo JOJ Hunt Female Path #04 DAMNED Free!!

Splash Store

Overall Minidress &Tops Neww!! <3

I ♥ You

Dress Belote  My Love Valentine Satin  (MPW) <3
Sooks *{ SeVered GarDeN }*ZombiePopcorn Hunt -#64 Free!!
Shoes WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #103 N-core Designs Free!!
Lollipop Kennedy's "Heart Lolli" Free!! <3
Pose {what next}  P.S I Love You Mailboxes Free!! (Al subcribirse)